The Art of Escape Tz

Est 2009

What started as a project aimed at enhancing the quality of services within the Hospitality & Tourism sector, has since evolved to a stakeholding position within the Industry.

An entity which has grown from stride to stride, has seen and gathered much experience working with our partners to devise a total package for our clients

Who we are


A Dynamic team working together to achieve goals in a growing industry.

Boris A.

Founding Partner, Pro Wildlife Safari Guide & Facilitator & Travel Advisor


A Professional Safari Guide, who has gained much knowedge and experience from his Peers in the Industry. Boris now works on enhancing professionalism and ethics as well as quality of guiding within the Industry. Still guiding safaris through many parks in Africa, he loves the possibility of making an African Expedition special for his clients.


Partner, Head Chef, Damascus Supervisor & Facilitator


Having started with the team in 2009, her strength has grown more and more in her field, working her way up from creation station trainee to now being a partner, hospitality facilitator & Chef.


Chef & Damascus Crew


Top work skills who keeps it all together and makes great meals.

Linda M.

Founding Partner, Art Historian, Admin & Facilitator & Travel Advisor


An Art Historian, who has lived in Africa and worked on developement programs in other parts of East Africa. She now works on keeping the magic flowing through our team of Facilitator Guides & Facilitator Hospitality Crew. In between all this she also takes the time to talk to you and work out your ultimate Tailor-made package for Africa.


Chef & Facilitator


A great Chef and Facilitator who works tirelessly with her team to produce effective results and great tasting meals.


Damascus Crew


Quality Kitchen assistant, who's always on hand.


Info Bureau

Escape Tanzania

Damascus Tapas & Meze



Hospitality Developement

Event Management