Tapas & Meze

Damascus Menu


A Middle Eastern taste with a local touch, our meals are worth a taste. We also have a vast knowledge and experience in preparing other styled and types of quisine as well.


For your catering needs talk to us and we will tailor-make a menu that will suite your event.


We are Open for Delivery Orders

Every day 10am – 19pm


Call or text on

0765 878 453 (Linda)


0767 663 205 (Boris)


All packing is included in the prices below.


Please note that delivery fee is NOT included, but should be paid direct to the person who delivers.



For email queries info@escapetz.com




Salads Tsh 12500

Fresh Salad (v)

All the goodness of a great mix of fresh vegetables




Traditional chicken salad filled with lush green lettuce, cucumbers, onions and peppers.





Delicious Potatoes


Patata Brava Tsh 6500

Traditional tapas with fried potatoes and onion topped with a freshly made tomato sauce. (vv)

Ana Potatoes Tsh 6500

Succulent slices of potatoes fried with onions and seasoned with fresh parsley. (vv)

Potato Cubes & Beetroot Tsh 6500

Deep fried cubes of potato and beetroot. (vv)




Bean & Mango Salad Tsh 9000

This is a must try, sweet mango mixed with soft beans and red pepper cubes, seasoned with black bean sauce.






Turkish small pies prepared with a Damascus spice.

Böreck Of Spinach (vv) Tsh 7000


Böreck Of Beef Mince Tsh 8000


Shish Kebab

Skewered with vegetables and marinated in herbs, spices and sauces.

Of Chicken Tsh 8000

Of Vegetable (vv) Tsh 6000



Mince of Beef


Kofta Tsh 7500

A marinated mix of minced beef, black pepper, finely chopped onions and fresh coriander.


Hummus Bil Lahma Tsh 9000

Beef mince fried with onion and spices on a bed of hummus and topped with nuts.


Ali Nazik Tsh 9000

Beef Mince fried with onion and spices on a bed of Babaganouch and topped with herbs.





Chicken wings Tsh 8000

Marinated chicken wings lightly fried to golden brown and served on a bed of veg.


Tavuk Sote Tsh 9000

Sautéed chicken spiced with pilipili, onion and cumin.


Beans, Chickpeas and Lentils


Falafel Tsh 7500

Chick peas, chopped onions, garlic, parsley & fresh coriander. (vv)


Sudanese Fuul Tsh 7500

A bean casserole cooked with tomato, leek, coriander and olive oil. Then gently mixed with boiled egg. (v)


Hasa al Hummus Tsh 8000

Moroccan chickpea soup seasoned with garlic, parsley, coriander and paprika. Delicious on its own or with pita bread or one of our rice, bulgur and couscous dishes. (vv)


Taktouka with Lentils Tsh 8000

Moroccan tomato and green pepper salsa mixed with lentils. (vv)


Rice & Meze Salads


Mujadarra Tsh 6500

A traditional side dish in many Middle Eastern countries made of lentils and rice cooked together. Served with sautéed onion rings. (vv)


Kisir Tsh 9000

Turkish bulgur salad mixed with fresh vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, onion, parsley and flavored with lemon juice, cumin and mint. (vv)


Bulgur, parsley, onion, tomato, lemon juice & olive oil. (vv)


Full Portion Tsh 9000 / Half Portion Tsh 6500



Wraps Tsh 12500

All wraps are served with vegetables, and a small side salad with a dip of your choice.

Of Vegetable (vv)

Of Falafel (vv)

Of Chicken




Sticks w' Fresh Homemade Soft Cheese Tsh 6500

Crispy Vegetables cut in to strips and marinated in vinaigrette served with freshly made homemade soft cheese. (vv)



Pita Bread (vv) Tsh 2000




Tasty homemade nachos served with a topping of your choice


Plain Nachos (vv) Tsh 3500


Chicken Tsh 6500


Beans (vv) Tsh 6500



Dips Tsh 2500


Chilli Jam (vv)

Tomato sauce simmered with fresh chili.


Aioli (v)

Mayo base with garlic.


Salsa (vv)

Onion, Tomato, Green pepper and Sweet corn with fresh herbs.


Tzatziki (v)

Yoghurt, cucumbers & garlic.


Guacamole (vv)

Avocado, onions, tomatoes & garlic.



Damascus (vv)

Tahina Based airy dip.


Hummus (vv)

Chick peas, Tahina, lemon Juice.


Labneh (v)

Cream of Yoghurt, Lemon juice & Garlic


Babaganoush (vv)

Grilled Egg Plant, Tahina, garlic & lemon.


Yoghurt & Avocado (v)

Yoghurt mixed with avocado, garlic, lemonjuice, salt and pepper.



Creamy Pepper (v)

Mayo base with black & red pepper.



Mast-o-Khiar with Tomato (v)

Cream of Yoghurt mixed with mint, onion, cucumber and tomato.



Fresh Soft Herb Cheese (v)

Homemade soft cheese infused with herbs and garlic.





For those with a sweet tooth here is something for you.


Baklava Tsh 7000

Of Cashew Nuts



Dates Tsh 6500

Plain dates or Chocolate Covered dates


Saudi Date Sweet Tsh 7000

Balls of dates cooked with roasted nuts, cardamom and sugar.




Damascus Safari Lunches

We offer a great alternative to the traditional lunchbox.

Our dynamic safari lunch and packaging gives us a standard second to none.



Set in three options for your selection.


Superior Safari Lunch

A luxury option filled with a great selection of Tapas & Meze, packed in cooler box with cuttlery, crockery & a bottle of wine.

TC's Apply

Safari Styling Lunch

Style on Safari with this option of lunch, this may be packed in paper box or cooler box.

TC's Apply

Budget Safari Lunch

A signature Damascus Lunch packed with satisfaction for your Safari. This may also be packed in cooler box or in paper boxes.

We are able to cater for special requests, intolerances, allergies & or Dietary requirements when given prior notice.


Our Safari Lunches contains a base of:

Pita Bread, Hummus, Tabouleh Salad,


Fresh Fruit, Small Juice or Water



Alt 1 Mr Meaty

Chicken Kebab

Kofta of Mince Beef


Alt 2 Madam Veg


Boreck with Spinach


Safari Styling and Superior contains:


Ana Potatoes


Chili Jam,


Superior Safari Lunch also includes:


Chocolate Covered Dates (for Vegans Plain Dates),

a small bottle of Red or White Wine,